Join the challenge and complete just two days of juicing!

Day one, enjoy our Super Green Detox, full of superfoods to cleanse your body. These natural ingredients will help with weight loss, iron deficiency, heavy metal detox and more. 

Day two, enjoy our GlowBeet Detox which contains natural ingredients that can help with detoxing, inflammation, blood pressure and more! 


Two days , two juices! It’s a fast! Drink plenty of water and enjoy !!! 


Day 1: Super Green - cucumber, kale, parsley spring water cilantro, lime, ginger, spirulina...

Day 2: GlowBeet - beets, carrots, cucumbers, apple, turmeric, ginger, lemon, mix berry, apple and spinach

Two Day Reset

    • For the best results begin cleanse on pickup date.
    • Cleanses have a 4 Day Shelf Life
    • Please keep refrigerated, cleanses are highly perishable if not stored properly.  
    • Cleanses are non-refundable
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