The alkaline diet is a popular diet made famous by the late Dr. Sebi. There are many claims that it improves your health, assists with weight management and can help fight cancer cells. "if you know, you know" 

Not approved by the FDA please consult your doctor


5 juices a day, 12oz per bottle


(1) apple, dates , spring water and kale,parsley, ginger

(1) apple, ginger , bromide plus powder, dates and walnuts 

(1) banana, kale, seamoss, apple, spring water, walnuts

(2) cucumber, orange, key lime and ginger 


Optional: Add on a daily wellness shot!



How Many Days?
Pickup Date
Pickup Time
Wellness Shot Add On
    • For the best results begin cleanse on pickup date.
    • Cleanses have a 4 Day Shelf Life
    • Please keep refrigerated, cleanses are highly perishable if not stored properly.  
    • Cleanses are non-refundable
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