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Message from our founder.

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Freckle's Juice founder, Felicia Forbes.

I am no stranger to the struggle of a healthy lifestyle. For many years, I was plagued with the insecurities of being “overweight”. I’d make changes in my routine but never consistent changes. Then my doctor told me I had high cholesterol; I knew I had to make permanent changes to better my life.

In January 2014, I received my first Magic-Bullet as a housewarming gift. I made smoothies daily for myself, then for my niece and nephew. Soon I was making smoothies for my co-workers and after awhile, close friends. In time, my high cholesterol was gone! I felt so much joy and purpose knowing that something so delicious could also be beneficial to the body. I thought of the juice bar I worked in during college. I wondered if that could be a reality for my community.

Starting small, I worked hard towards my goal while making juices from my kitchen in the Bronx. I bottled them in mason jars and made deliveries. It was motivation itself to meet so many local people with similar struggles as myself. Then it clicked! Still not sure how successful I’d be, I knew to continue educating others on natural, tasty choices.

Thanks to social media, home orders became increasingly popular. My family stood behind me and it became their passion as well. Together we made juices in my kitchen. During the late nights and early mornings we delivered all over New York City and Westchester County. We delivered in snow storms and heat waves for nearly six months while planning for the first store front. Grateful to our supporters, in October 2015, we launched the opening of the first Freckle’s Juice located at 3828 Dyre Ave in the Bronx.

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